• Incredible Lion Sighting

    The day after the wonderful leopard sighting when travelling from Tamboti to Satara we got up early and we were at the gate ready to go when it opened. The day before I'd jokingly asked for a male lion sighting as we were lucky enough [...]

  • A Safari Drive to Remember …. White Lion

    One of my favourite drives of all time occurred when my wife and I were in Africa in May 2018. On this morning we had decided to take a SAN Parks organised morning drive and therefore had to be up a little bit earlier than [...]

  • Look out!!! There’s a hippo….

    We stayed the night at Shingwedzi and once again we were up before gate opened and waited for the gate to open. We decided to drive the H1-7, then turn left onto the S56 and then back on the H1–7 to Shingwedzi . Whilst sitting [...]

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Guests share their stories with us and we get to hear the stories as they happened.

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Here we will cover any exciting news in the world of nature, look out for some interesting articles about wildlife, nature and everything wild.

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Safari Stories is a page established so that people can share their adventures.

Going on safari can be one of the most exciting experience of a persons life, its often said that spending time in nature changes a person. This website has been established so people can share their experiences and stories. Whether it’s an African safari in the Kruger National Park or an Indian safari in Ranthambore National Park does not matter, we would love to hear about your experiences so that we to can share in excitement which is experienced whilst on safari.

The stories we share can be varied from breathtaking views, to the exhilaration of a lion hunt, to the tranquillity of animals at a water hole during the day. Everyone has a different experience whilst on safari and that’s what we would like to share and hear about. Hope that you enjoy the stories and if you would like us to make any changes or if you would like to share your stories please let us know.