A really memorable sighting that my wife and I had was a couple of days after we arrived in the Kruger National Park. We were staying at Shingwedzi and decided on this afternoon that we were going to do an organised game drive with SAN parks. We were lucky enough to be the only two on the drive so we had the Safari vehicle to ourselves (obviously including the Game Ranger). We had a plan of driving to the S56 and then going as far up as time permitted and then heading back down to camp. As it was a late afternoon drive a lot of the cars were heading back to make the gate close time where as we were able to stay out longer because it was an organised drive by SAN parks.

Shortly after getting onto the S56 we came across a pride of lions who were lazing around in the grass. They were very close to the road and as it was getting cooler they were becoming a little bit more active. We manage to sit with them for a good 45 minutes to an hour and watch them interact. We think that they were the same pride we had seen the day before, please see the Hippo running on the road post.

Lions at sunset

Getting up after a lazy day

During this time a giraffe came close to the pride of lions and as some of the lions were quite young and inexperienced, they decided that they would pretend to stalk the giraffe.

Lion watching giraffe

The giraffes watching the lions

Lion in the grass

Lion watching giraffe before stalking

Lions watching younger lions

The older lions watching the young ones with their attempted giraffe hunt

Lion not interested in the hunt

Lion not interested in the hunt… play time?

Nothing eventuated, and nothing ever was going to eventuate, as the older lions of the group were not interested. After this failed attempt the younger lions played amongst themselves and it was great to watch them tackle and wrestle each other.

Lion waking up

Still waking up

Lion yawning

Good yawn

Lion dreaming of food

Dreaming of food

Lions playing

Lions playing

Lions tackling

Lions tackling each other

Lions play fighting

Let the play fighting begin


This is one of my favourite sightings because it was just us on the sighting and the lions were pretty active and funny whilst playing around.