We stayed the night at Shingwedzi and once again we were up before gate opened and waited for the gate to open. We decided to drive the H1-7, then turn left onto the S56 and then back on the H1–7 to Shingwedzi . Whilst sitting waiting for the gate to open it was so amazing listening to all the animals.

Shortly after turning onto the S56 we were driving on the road and to the right of the car we noticed something moving very quickly in the bushes. I quickly told my wife that there was something running in the bushes to the right of the car and we slow down to try and make out what it was.

Hippo running in bushes

Hippo Running on Road


Video of hippo running on road

Shortly after we identified it as a hippo running through the bushes, the hippo proceeded to run onto the road and ran along the road in front of the car for a good kilometre or two. It’s incredible how fast these animals actually move for how big they are.

Hippo arriving home  Hippo arriving at pool

Hippo welcome home

After running on the road for awhile the hippo decided to take a left down the river bank and ended up in the dry riverbed where the hippo continue to run for a while before coming to a pool. They both ran into the pool with much excitement and one of our more interesting sites was over.

That wasn’t where the morning ended for us though, as we continued down the S56 we were lucky enough to see a pride of lions lazing about in the river bed. After spending some time with the lions we decided to continue down the S56 and made our way back to Shingwedzi for breakfast. Overall, quite a Memorable morning in the Kruger.

Lions in riverbed

Lions in dry riverbed

Lions in dry riverbed