One of my favourite drives of all time occurred when my wife and I were in Africa in May 2018. On this morning we had decided to take a SAN Parks organised morning drive and therefore had to be up a little bit earlier than gate open as the drive commenced an hour before the gate opens. We were staying at Satara at the time and we were very excited about what we could possibly see.

We left Satara and headed right down the H1-4 and then left down the S100. During our drive on the S100 we had spotted various things including a porcupine which was very interesting to see. Unfortunately it was too dark for us to take any good pictures. As we headed down the S100 and got to the S41 we turned right towards the H6. Shortly after getting on the S41 we ran into a safari vehicle from Singita. The drivers conversed and we then headed towards a sighting that they told us about.

We drove down the S41 pretty quickly (not stopping for sightings but obeying the speed limit) and at the H6 turned right and about 50 m down the road we came across a group of lions resting in the grass. This pride of lions was pretty special because it contained the only white lion in the area. It was such an incredible sighting to see as I had heard so much about it but had given up hope of actually seeing him. He is incredible looking lion.

Male Lion in Kruger

We may have woken him up

Lion Pride

The Pride

White Lion

White Lion looking what is going on

White Lion

White Lion watching us as we watch him

White Lion Stare

White Lion Stare

White Lion

White Lion relaxing

White Lion Repositioning

White Lion Repositioning

White Lion in the background

Sometimes it would be nice to have a photo with me and not my brother (photobomb)

We spent a good half an hour to 45 minutes taking photos and watching the lions before heading back to Satara. We headed back along the H6 and there was not too much that we saw. We turned right on the H1-3 and less than a kilometre from Satara, as we were going over the bridge I spotted a leopard in a tree not 15 meters from the side the road. The leopard was pretty easily spooked and shortly after we spotted it, he decided to make a quick exit and went down the tree and disappeared in the bushes. It was the perfect ending to such an incredible drive.

Sorry .... what are we looking at?

Spot it.


Is the leopard watching us?

Leopard near Satara

There the leopard is.

Leopard coming down tree

Leopard coming down the tree

Leopard quick hello

Quick hello from the leopard

Leopard leaving

Leopard leaving the tree

Leopard last glimpse

Leopard last glimpse